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Shoe and Leather Care

All natural products such as skin aging well. Damp, cold, dry air, decreased elasticity by natural factors such as sun, it is necessary to apply for long-term care protection of natural features. And processes for their type of skin to form a single care product is not available. Different care products were developed according to the type and purpose of the deep.

Before first time use, a care cream or spray forming protective film must be used. Skin care during application must be absolutely dry.

Damping the shoes should be thoroughly dried should be wrapped in newspaper and room temperature naturally before.

Dirt should be taken with a brush or damp cloth.

To prevent discoloration of the skin, right care products should be used.

Care products should be used very little and the surface should be spread evenly. It inhibits the ability of much use to breathe.

Dirt and dust may clog the skin’s ability to breathe and prevents the surface hole. Larger dirt and stain removal, requires the use of special cleaning. Cleaning must be carried out after drying the skin completely. Long time the stain remains on the skin, the deeper layers should be removed carefully because it causes the influence.

Terms Used in shoe construction

INFRASTRUCTURE: The parts outside the Sayan is formed by bringing together.

STAND: The unit used to measure the area of ​​the skin. (1 foot = 29.9 cm 2)

BOMBER: stiffening reinforcement is placed between the lining and leather to maintain the form of the nose of the shoe. Plastic alloy material which is heat-bump takes the shape of the mold and to retain the shape of the nose of the shoe for a long time, it is important to the preservation of our fingertips.

Falck A: All are made from leather heel. (Heel)

Scar: The knife used in the shoe manufacturing.

FORA SEWING: Face insoles and soles (leather or rubber) is called to attach each stitch.

FORTUNE: the rear part of the shoe called upright and placed between the stiffening reinforcement lining for the count to maintain the form.

MILLING: refers to the correction of the base edge process.

FİYAPI to: placed between the upper floor with the second floor is called a leather or rubber.

CABIN: called to the left and right sides of the shoes.

GAZU to: Fiyapı and external dikiliş base with Vardola is the name given to the process.

UNLAWFUL: A base to avoid appearing at the bottom of Fore drop stitch is called duct-on.

Stamp: The model is called the shoe mold.

Inner lining: leather or fabric is used on the inside of the shoe. There are 4 basic functions:

– Protective be a buffer layer between the foot and counts
– Ensure the protection of the shape of the shoe
– Get the moisture of the foot
– To shape the interior appearance of the shoes.

Lining the front of the shoe (in the mirror), the side of (the gamba) or at the bottom of the foot (the crop) can be found.
KÖSELE: buffalo and cattle sub-structure insole made of leather, fort, base is used in a skin genus Vardola strip production.

MEKVAL: is the name given to the standing seam edge of the pool floor.

SALPE Fort portion used in leather support material is formed by combining the residue. It is also used as a primer base during installation.

SARAÇ STITCH: applied decorative stitching on the uppers of the shoe and are determining the model. Roku kind of shoes in hand saddler, saddlers other styles of shoes in the machine is applied.

Insole: Sayan internal parts that are held together with the base. Availability of outcrops with the base, to be more suited to the shape of the foot and the sole of the shoe is used to maintain this form. In general, the shape of the foot, in a special blend of flexibility with support provider plastic and steel is the most important part of providing orthopedics.

TRANTOR to (reinforcement part): The shoe is the adhesive strip that is used to strengthen the weak areas of insurance.

Vardola to: Sayan put between the bottom edge is called welt.

MOSTRA: inside the shoes, the label placed on the bottom part is the name given to the skin.

PILLOW SPONGE: These materials are usually sponges placed under exposed. It allows it to become more suitable for the soles of the feet orthopedics. For this purpose, especially children’s shoes at the feet of development completed in the kind of (moderate camber and heel within six feet), special flexible and porous solid foam pillows are often used to support.

HEEL: The name given to the so-called heel portion of the shoe

Need to Know About Skin

The history of humanity is as old leather, indispensable today as a result of modern tanning and finishing operations has become a product.

– Tanning (tanning): This is a method that allows the elimination of the negative features for the use of raw leather. There are 2 types of tanning methods:
– Vegetable Tanning: used pellets obtained from plants.
– Mineral Tanning: the skin is treated with chromium compounds.
– Finishing: Crude skin color, surface, known as a method that enables delivery of the desired shape of the tissue properties.

CHARACTERISTICS OF DEEP can be listed as follows:

– Be soft,
– To be durable and rugged,
– To provide air and water circulation in shallow holes,
– Absorb moisture and give it out again; “Breathe” is the feature,
– To have a few, though flexibility.

BENEFITS OF DEEP can be listed as follows:

– It keeps feet cool because it can breathe.
– It does not tear and break quickly.
– To absorb the moisture that helps prevent foot odor formation.
– It is healthy because it is natural.
– It takes the shape of the foot can be flexible.

The main animals that benefit from leather; cattle, sheep, horses, deer and some sponges.
In composition leather; 50.2% carbon, 25.4% oxygen, 17.8% nitrogen, 4.6% hydrogen, and 2% had sulfur.

Classification of Shoes

Shoes definition is very broad; men, women and children, they use their feet to protect it from external factors and to reinforce the image they want to give to the community faces and bottoms made of various materials, clothing covers the entire foot view similar to the shape of the foot. Shoes may be classified as follows:


Faux Leather
patent leather
fur Lined

El Monte
Machine Monte
Outside Monte (Gazu to)
Year (El Saddler Welded)
Atom (Dial)
Good Year Welt


Saddler (single needle, double needle)
Haram (Base opened secret channels)
Gazu to (outside seam of the base)
Mekval (outside seams of the pool floor)
Base seam

Foot Health

Issues to be considered for foot health

The basic rules that should be considered in foot health can be listed as follows;

Narrowly, the top flat, pointy, high-heeled shoes can be an invitation to calluses and so many problems.

Do not heed the foot pain. If there is persistent pain should see a specialist.

Heat and discoloration of your feet, you can examine the wound. Or irregularly thickened nails may be a sign of growing mushrooms. Any part of the foot that growth should not be considered normal.

Your feet, you must be especially well Wash and dry your fingers regularly.

You should cut your nails straight legs and too short. Do not cut the edges of your nails can cause ingrown nails.

Diabetes, blood circulation problems interrupted by others and that heart patients are more accurate quotes. Because people who are prone to infection in this group.

According to the foot of the shoe that is important. Bring your feet equivalent to swell state your shoe purchase. Do not use excessive worn shoes if possible.

Choose shoes appropriate for the activity you are doing. For example, running is not your everyday shoes, wear running shoes.

Do not use the same shoes every day.

Do not walk barefoot in open wounds and infections environment. If you are wearing sandals on your feet as your body kremlin sunny weather.

The foot disease should consult a doctor. The use of defective or incorrect medication can turn a minor problem into a major problem.

If you at least once a year, you should see a foot specialist diabetes.

Shoe selection


Length: should look at whether there is sufficient distance in front of the big toe. This distance will not be printed on the nose of the shoe bomber to measure, it may cause damage to the shoes. Instead, lift the toes and the distance from the end from the customer is asked to identify himself. This distance should be 0.5 mm in normal conditions.

Heel: The heel portion seated thoroughly investigated that. Note that when the customer sits heel protrude. It should not be too tight to hit the heel of the shoe.

Shoes mouth: the foot of the mouth of the shoe that wraps views. It is noted that cut his wrist bone.

Face: the shoes standing in the customer’s face fingertip is determined whether the extra space might remain. If a shallow wrinkles will occur if there is a clearance.

Heel slip: whether there is any shift in customers walking heel. Thick based on a minor slip can occur in new shoes. The fact that pursuant to the resilience of the base, so that will decrease the amount of slip. There is a relationship between the number of full and splitter, increasing the length of the shoe also increases the 0:40 cm in each half.


Conscious choices like shoes can prevent some health problems that may occur during the life cycle, it is plunging in the treatment of some foot problems. Accordingly, they must first pay attention to foot health shoes to choose the shape of the foot.

Walking to the point where major carriers standing support of anatomical shoes are a relaxing way. Anatomic footwear allows the comfortable transportation of the body, supports the position of the spinal cord, delays fatigue of the person. Shoes made of natural materials helps maintain the health of skin, calluses, ingrown toenails and prevent the occurrence of diseases such as fungi. Exercising the right shoes and sandals are also up.

Random, (later expands) the shoes, foot care taken with the idea of ​​being adversely affected and compression disorder, sink their nails, foot fungi, the painful calluses, the deformities of the toes, fatigue to, the sprained ankle, foot, can lead to leg and back pain and foot permanent deformation .

The first criteria when choosing shoes, must be comfort before models and colors. For this purpose it is necessary to take out the shoe made of natural materials.

Both when wearing the shoe should be walking test.

You also need to pay attention to the fact that half an inch of space between the longest toe and the tip of the shoe.

Lace-up shoes are recommended for the better understanding and can be set to block the blood circulation.

Walking to the point where major carriers standing support of anatomical shoes are a relaxing way.

Anatomic footwear allows the comfortable transportation of the body, supports the position of the spinal cord, delays fatigue of the person. Shoes made of natural materials helps maintain the health of skin, calluses, ingrown toenails and prevent the occurrence of diseases such as fungi.

Exercising the right shoes and sandals are also up.

Shoes Instruction Manual

Your footwear should be used in accordance with the intended use.

Wearing shoes and removing the laces must be solved, if found to be used in step-ins.

Shoes should be tried as right and left in the time zone where the maximum swollen feet, the shoes must certainly be taken frequently.

Your shoes should fit your feet so far. Feet small and big shoes from the early deformation, leading to problems such as tearing the liner.

Shoes should not be stored in a humid environment.

Wet shoes should be dried at room temperature. Under direct sunlight or near any heat source if it is dried in the open under the ground in the shoes of adhesion, cracking skin disorders may stains and shapes.

Shoes made of nubuck or suede material should be cleaned with a brush or rubber in appropriate hardness, and silicon-based spray washing should definitely be used.

Shoes should not be washed in the washing machine or by hand absolutely.

The smell of the shoes to synthetic materials used in the interior lining and water are likely to receive.

Shoe absorbed sweat evaporates within 24 hours. Therefore, wearing shoes apart one day allows the shoe to be more durable.

Shoes on the feet that may occur due to the elimination of excessive sweating is not possible manufacturing defect spots.

Leather shoes should be finished with paint or varnish in its natural color.

Lining skin color may occur in unused shoes and socks feet.

To avoid strong against deformation by aspiration and removal of a smell of the shoes is required to use the mold.

Top with hand-stitched shoes (which is called the SARAÇLI) of seams, to obtain water from deeper in the section where the base and sides unite natural. Therefore, it is recommended not to be worn in rainy weather.

All kinds of shoes on “waterproof feature is available” will not be spending the rainy and snowy weather.

You can get help from our sales representatives to a friend in the care of shoes are produced with special materials.

When it made contact with the wet process with herbal ingredients with vegetal leather and water, wipe with a damp cloth and discolored varnish when applied. Thus not contacted with water by such dust with a special brush to clean the skin and is recommended.

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